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S2  EP12
  • Lenovo, Intel, Synaptics, and PayPal Are Working to Kill Passwords on Your Next Laptop
    By Chaim Gartenberg 09/23/2016
    In light of yesterday’s news that over 500 million Yahoo accounts were compromised, it’s clear that we need to start seriously thinking about new security system replacements for passwords. So it’s fitting that Lenovo announced a partnership to bring FIDO fingerprint authentication to its laptops.
  • Police Have Arrested the Man Alleged to Have Hacked Pippa Middleton’s iPhone
    By Andrew Liptak 09/24/2016
    British Police have arrested the 35-year-old man alleged to have hacked into an iPhone belonging to Pippa Middleton, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge. The news of the arrest was reported by the BBC.
  • New iOS 10 Security Flaw Makes It Easier to Crack iPhone Backups
    By Andrew Liptak 09/25/2016
    According to Forbes, Apple’s latest iOS release seems to have accidentally weakened the the iPhone’s security, potentially allowing unauthorized access to localized backups.
  • Car Hackers Demonstrate Wireless Attack on Tesla Model S
    By Jordan Golson 09/19/2016
    A remote vulnerability for Tesla’s Model S has been demonstrated by researchers from Keen Security Lab, a division of the Chinese internet giant Tencent. The vulnerability was confirmed by Tesla’s product security team and has already been patched via an over-the-air software update, as Keen worked with Tesla to fix the flaw before going public.