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S2  EP3
  • The Mr. Robot Hack Report: Bitcoin Burglary and Self-Destructing Hardware
    By Russell Brandom 07/20/2016
    Mr. Robot is a show built on hacks. The mother of all hacks serves as the big cliffhanger at the end of the show's first season, and nearly every plot development leading up to it was nudged along by some kind of exploit. It’s rare to get through an episode without at least one digital intrusion, often drawn from real life. Each week, we'll be running through Mr. Robot's C Y B E R activities — who got hacked, why, and how much magic would be required to make them actually work.
  • Edward Snowden Designed an iPhone Attachment That Detects Unwanted Radio Transmissions
    By Chaim Gartenberg 07/21/2016
    Edward Snowden thinks about phone security a lot more than the average person. And with good reason, as the world-famous whistleblower revealed methods of government data collection on phone calls, and even from his exile in Russia, still remains a major advocate for digital privacy.
  • Former St. Louis Cardinals Scouting Director Gets 46 Months in Prison for Hacking Rival Team
    By Adi Robertson 07/18/2016
    Christopher Correa, former scouting director for the St. Louis Cardinals, has been sentenced to 46 months in jail for hacking into the rival Houston Astros’ email and database systems to see player profiles, draft picks, and other confidential information.
  • A QR Code in Last Night’s Mr. Robot Leads to a Mysterious Website
    By Lizzie Plaugic 07/14/2016
    Mr. Robot's second season premiered last night, but Elliot remained analog for the duration of the episode. He exiled himself from the internet as a way to detox his brain, which is currently a little cluttered with hallucinations of his dead father. In part, this meant that instead of working on a computer, Elliot was writing in a notebook. But that doesn't mean the internet didn't find a way to slip in.