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S1 EP22
The Honeymoon
House is convinced that because Stacy's married, he can handle treating her husband. When Mark's tests come back normal, House is stumped as to why symptoms show that his brain is still dying.
S1 EP21
Three Stories
House is surprised when his ex-girlfriend, Stacy Warner, makes a visit. He's even more surprised when he finds out that she's not there to see him, but to get help for her ailing husband.
S1 EP20
Love Hurts
House apparently triggers a stroke in a patient. The team must deal with the patient's odd lifestyle, overbearing "friend" and reluctant parents in order to stop the strokes.
S1 EP19
During a meningitis outbreak which overwhelms the clinic, House is drawn to a single patient: a 12-year-old whose symptoms don't quite match everyone else's.
S1 EP18
Babies & Bathwater
While House and his team scramble to discover what's causing brain and kidney dysfunction in a pregnant woman, Vogler is working to get House fired after House's pharmaceutical speech.
S1 EP17
Role Model
At a high-level campaign fundraiser, a senator becomes violently ill. It looks like the senator has AIDS, but House refuses to settle for the easy answer.
S1 EP16
An obese 10-year-old girl presents with a heart attack. House is also faced with a woman who will not accept a surgery for a 30 lb. tumor because she wants to remain overweight.
S1 EP15
Mob Rules
Just before mobster Joey Arnello spills the beans in federal court and enters witness protection, he collapses. Is he faking? A court order instructs House to find out.
S1 EP14
The hospital is turned upside-down when a billionaire buys his way into becoming chairman of the board. Meanwhile, a powerful woman ends up paralyzed for no reason that anyone can explain.
S1 EP13
A boy believes he's cursed after a Ouija board tells him he's going to die, and his father makes demands on House as they try to diagnose the boy's pneumonia-like symptoms and incongruous rash.
S1 EP12
Sports Medicine
A baseball player thinks his arm is broken, but it turns out he has severe bone loss and his career is over. Meanwhile, Foreman dates a pharameutical rep and House goes on a "date" with Cameron.
S1 EP11
House takes Cuddy's challenge and stops taking Vicodin for a week. His withdrawal symptoms become increasingly severe as he has to figure out why a boy won't stop bleeding after a car accident.
S1 EP10
Dr. Foreman believes a homeless woman is faking seizures to get a meal ticket at the teaching hospital. Her worsening symptoms prove to be a complex mystery for House and his team.
S1 EP9
A man believes he's dying from ALS and signs a DNR to avoid a slow death. House disagrees with the diagnosis and ends up in court. Soon, the man begins to get inexplicably better.
S1 EP8
A high school male comes to the hospital with a lethal poisoning, but House and his team can't figure out what has caused it. Meanwhile, an 82-year-old patient becomes obsessed with House.
S1 EP7
A husband rushes his unconcious wife to the clinic. House diagnoses her with African sleeping sickness. The only way she could have contracted it is through sex but neither admit to an affair.
S1 EP6
The Socratic Method
Dr. House is intrigued by a schizophrenic woman who displays mixed symptoms. House confronts his birthday and Chase confronts his past, while the woman's son tries to keep up with her condition.
S1 EP5
Damned If You Do
A nun whose hands are red and swollen is sent to House. He gives her pills which cause her to become unable to breathe. Her sisters pray for her while House has to wonder if he misdiagnosed her.
S1 EP4
When a virus spreads among the hospital, infecting six babies, House and his team must make decisions that could compromise the lives of the babies.
S1 EP3
Occam's Razor
Brandon is 22-year-old male, who ends up passing out after having rowdy sex with his fiancée. Meanwhile in the clinic, House must deal with a boy and an unusual situation involving a MP3 player.
S1 EP2
A high school student starts suffering from nightmares and hallucinations. Meanwhile, House deals with a patient looking to set up a lawsuit and a mother who doesn't believe in vaccinations.
S1 EP1
A kindergarten teacher collapses in her classroom after uncontrolled gibberish slips out her mouth. She is taken to Dr. House and his team, who identify that she may have only a week to live.