Dr. Chris Taub
played by Peter Jacobson
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A former plastic surgeon, Dr. Chris Taub was let go from his own practice due to misconduct among employees (fraternization). Ironically, he loves his wife but at the same time he is attracted to other women. He stands up to House more often than other new fellows.

A graduate of the famed Julliard performance arts conservatory in New York City, Peter Jacobson has over fifty television and screen credits to his name, starting with an episode of NYPD Blue in 1993. Prior to joining the cast of House, his greatest successes have come in legal dramas - he appeared three times as Randy Dworkin, a talented defence counsel who was almost always a thorn in the side of ADA Jack McCoy on Law & Order, and as "Yarmulke" Jake Weisman on In Justice.

Jacobson is due to appear in at least two movies in 2008, including Clive Barker's Midnight Meat Train and What Just Happened?