Season 3 episodes

S3 EP6
Aired on 07/30/2015
Available until 09/04/2015
Shocked by the revelation of the sarin gas in Gusti’s trunk, Briggs pushes Mike to notify the bureau. But Mike isn’t ready to call it in – his vision led him here, and he wants to see this through to the end.
S3 EP5
Piñon Tree
Aired on 07/23/2015
Available until 08/28/2015
With Colby dead and Martuun planning to hand over much of Ari’s territory to Toros Berbarian, it’s safe to say that Briggs’s plan to take down Ari has completely failed. To make matters worse, Logan is wants to pull the plug on the entire operation. Briggs digs in, ready to go to the ends of the earth to take down the Sarkissians and wash some of the blood from his hands. But with the rest of the Graceland team losing faith in Briggs and Ari ready to shoot him on sight, the path towards absolution seems murky at best.
S3 EP4
Aired on 07/16/2015
Available until 08/21/2015
When Ari wakes with no recollection of how he ended up with a pipe through his windshield, blood on his clothes and an empty clip in his gun, Briggs must walk the unstable mobster through the events of the previous evening. Their search soon leads them to a gas station in the mountains, and a run in with Martuun Sarkissian and his right hand man, Toros Berbarian. It turns out that Martuun is on the hunt for Layla, who didn’t come home the night before. Layla’s recent car crash already has Martuun seeing red, and with little love lost between Toros and Ari, the situation quickly becomes tense.
S3 EP3
Sense Memory
Aired on 07/09/2015
Available until 08/14/2015
Charlie heads to Miami with Amber in tow in order to track down a dealer with ties to Jermaine. But when it becomes clear that Amber knows a lot less than she let on, Charlie begins to think twice about their deal.
S3 EP2
Chester Cheeto
Aired on 07/02/2015
Available until 08/07/2015
After hitting yet another dead end, Charlie begins to realize that her only shot at finding Jermaine may be to make a deal with Amber. However, the idea of working with a woman who nearly got her killed is putting a bad taste in Charlie’s mouth.
S3 EP1
With Graceland coming apart at the seams, Sid bides his time until he can finish what he began with Mike. It turns out, though, that the reports of Mike’s passing have been greatly exaggerated; Agent Warren is alive and mostly well, although his return from the grave will have to stay under wraps until the team can nail Sid. But with Paige crumbling under the weight of her guilt, Johnny trapped in service to Carlito and Charlie distracted by her hunt for the mysterious Brit that held her captive, the housemates may be too distracted to stand as a team against Sid before he picks them off one by one.