Joe "Johnny" Tuturro
played by Manny Montana
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The fun-loving prankster of the house, Johnny (Manny Montana) is Briggs’s right hand man and the heart of Graceland.  Growing up amidst the gang culture of Southern California, Johnny almost followed his brother into the banger life, but instead he joined the Navy Seals and eventually the FBI. 

Since then, Johnny has lent his talents to many other agents’ ops, but his lack of focus has kept his own career stalled, and his propensity to crack jokes has led some to write him off.  When Mike’s return to Graceland puts Johnny’s own lack of success in perspective, he decides to finally take the initiative for himself, but when he risks his life to go under with a dangerous crime family, Johnny may soon find himself in over his head…

Manny Montana stars as FBI Agent Joe "Johnny" Tuturro on USA Network's new hour-long drama series, GRACELAND, premiering Thursday, June 25th at 10/9c.

Previously, Montana recurred on "Chicago Code" and had notable guest roles on "Breakout Kings," "CSI: NY," "Lie To Me," "Cold Case," "Chase" and "Raising The Bar," amongst others. Montana starred in Anthony Zuicker's ambitious feature film for Yahoo! called "Cybergeddon." On the big screen, he will next appear in John Sayles' upcoming film, "Go for Sisters."

Born and raised in Long Beach, California, Montana is a lifelong athlete: in college he started for his football team at California State University, Long Beach, he is the recipient of Silver Gloves in California for competitive boxing and is an avid surfer.