Dale "DJ" Jakes
played by Brandon Jay McLaren
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Customs agent Dale Jakes (Brandon Jay McLaren) is the lone wolf of Graceland.  Quick-tempered and territorial, Jakes won’t hesitate to let someone know when they’re getting on his nerves (and that someone is usually Johnny).  But though Jakes can snap sometimes, underneath his rough exterior is a truly dedicated agent with a lot of hard-earned wisdom who is always there to help the team when they’re in need. 

Beneath Jakes’s rough exterior lies the pain of real regret: a young son he left behind for fear that the darkness he saw every day on the job would ruin the boy’s life.  Now, Jakes is making the choice to step back from the field and make a go of reconnecting with the family he let slip away before it’s too late.  But while Jakes’s intentions are good, redemption is not any easy thing to come by in the world of Graceland.

Brandon Jay McLaren stars as ICE Agent Dale Jakes on USA Network's new hour-long drama series, GRACELAND, premiering Thursday, June 25th at 10/9c.

In 2012, McLaren starred as Jamil Dexter on the second season of the hit show "Falling Skies." McLaren may be best known to audiences for his starring role as Bennett Ahmed throughout season one on the critically acclaimed series "The Killing." He was nominated for a 2012 Leo Award, for Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series, for his work on the show. McLaren has also made his mark in film, appearing in "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil," which made its way through the film festival circuit in 2011 after becoming a Sundance Film Festival Favorite, and winning the 2012 SXSW Audience Award. McLaren first made his mark in Hollywood as Toby, in the smash comedy hit "She's the Man" opposite Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum. Additional credits include appearing on the series "Being Erica," "Harper's Island," and guest star roles on "CSI," "Human Target," and "The Wanda Sykes Show."

Born and raised in Vancouver, McLaren is of Trinidadian and Grenadian descent. He found his love for acting during high school, where he took theater courses. McLaren graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from New York State University at Albany where he received a full scholarship for soccer. During college, McLaren realized he missed theater and decided to return to Vancouver and pursue acting full time. Once back in Vancouver, McLaren booked his first real project, a series called "The Black Sash." McLaren also produced and starred in a short film called "Two Knots" – the first of nine short films for the ensemble feature Vancouver Stories.

In his spare time, he loves to cook, read and run.