played by Lizzie Brocheré
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A reclusive and highly sought after trend-spotter/cool-hunter, Tess has made a career out of tapping into the zeitgeist. Tess is tough but also fragile. Seven years ago, she had a nervous breakdown during which she became convinced she was pregnant and that she gave birth to a son. Eventually she got better,  realizing that it was a delusion. But every night she still dreams of her missing boy. Is The Boy just a dream? Is he real? Is he somewhere looking for her just like she’s looking for him? And if he is, how can she ever stop searching? 

Lizzie Brocheré stars as Tess, a New Yorker whose uncanny ability to predict the next big, cutting-edge trend makes her invaluable -- but personally, she is troubled and tormented by vivid dreams of an absent child. 

Brocheré is best known for her role as Grace Bertrand, a young woman accused of murdering her stepmother and sexually abusive father in American Horror Story: Asylum. After supporting roles in Bernard Rapp’s Un Petit Jeu Sans Conséquences and Hugo Santiago’s The Wolf of the West Coast, Brocheré made her breakthrough in 2005 with the dogma-inspired film One to Another and American Translation, directed by Jean-Marc Barr and Pascal Arnold.  

She was awarded Best Actress soon after in the Saint Jean de Luz Film Festival for her performance as Mariam, a Jewish Sephardic woman in WW2 Tunisia in Karin Albou’s movie The Wedding Song. She worked with Nakache and Toledano on their comedy Tellement Proches as Clara, the cynical babysitter. Brocheré also collaborated twice with Frederic Jardin as a young cop in the breathless thriller Sleepless Night and as a twisted Franco-Russian killer in Braquo. 

Brocheré's first English-speaking lead was in Eric Shaeffer’s dark romantic comedy After Fall, Winter. She then quickly moved on to play the role of Camille, Ben Wishaw’s activist young wife in The Hour. 

She recently played the role of Coco Marchand in Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain and is a series regular on Versailles. Brocheré will next be seen on screen in Rings, directed by Javier Gutierrez as well as in David Verbeeke’s Full Contact, in which she won Best Actress at the Chicago Film Festival.