played by Will Yun Lee
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Taka is a rumpled, highly intuitive cop known to his colleagues as The Hunch. For the last seven years his mother, Kumiko -- an unstable artist -- has been in a perpetual catatonic state. As a result, Taka’s non-work life has become consumed by taking care of her, visiting her almost daily. Taka’s world turns when he stumbles across 12 dead bodies in a house. The dead people are all members of an elusive cult centered around dreams. As Taka begins to investigate the cult, the cult leaders try to recruit Taka. They tell him that his “hunches” are the result of his natural power as a dreamer and if he joins them they can help him heal his mother. How can he turn them down? 

Will Yun Lee stars as Taka, an intuitive NYPD Detective, whose leap-of-faith insights put him on the trail of an obscure, dream-obsessed cult. 

Most recently, Lee starred as the romantic love interest and lead villain in Strike Back opposite Michelle Yeoh. He was also seen in San Andreas opposite Dwayne Johnson and in Paul Feig's Spy as detective Timothy Cress.   

Additional film credits include The Wolverine opposite Hugh Jackman, Red Dawn with Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, and Total Recall opposite Colin Farrell. On the small screen, Lee had a pivotal and memorable role in the final season of Alan Ball's True Blood.

Lee is of Chinese and Korean heritage and has a large presence in the Asian market, taking on the starring role in the feature film Make Your Move Aka Cobu opposite BoA (considered Korea's biggest star), and directed by the man behind Step Up, Duane Adler.