Wishful Beginnings

Wishful Beginnings

Upon her return to the U.S., Annie's offsite debrief is interrupted by orders to return to Langley, where she's surprised to encounter two unexpected visitors: Eyal Lavin and his boss, Rivka Singer. Mossad is in town tracking an asset who has gone missing – and with her a watch filled with important intel – and in exchange for the CIA's help tracking Karina, they'll share the contents of her watch. But in the new, post-Lena era no one is to be trusted. So while Joan agrees to the partnership, she secretly orders Annie to prevent Mossad from getting its hands on Karina's intel.

Given Eyal's recent role in her rescue, Annie isn't happy about being ordered to betray him, but she begrudgingly takes on the mission. She and Eyal manage to quickly track down a terrified Karina, but unfortunately, it's too late to help her: Karina has been poisoned, and dies before she can tell them where she's hidden the watch. Undaunted, Annie and Eyal set out to find it, dodge the dangerous CIA-trained mercenary who is also after the watch, and figure out whether their friendship has any hope of survival.

Meanwhile, Annie and Eyal aren't the only ones whose relationship is threatened by secrets: while Arthur welcomes Annie back by giving her an award, Joan deals with her feelings privately, and the secret she's keeping from her husband begins to take its toll.

About Covert Affairs

The critically acclaimed original, COVERT AFFAIRS, follows the pursuits of CIA operative Annie Walker, whose exceptional linguistic skills and killer instinct take her on dangerous top-secret assignments around the globe. Last season, Annie traveled to Russia in pursuit of her former boss turned double agent Lena Smith (guest star Sarah Clarke), who shot her twice in the chest and killed Simon (guest star Richard Coyle), an asset and the man Annie was falling in love with. Thanks to a dramatic rescue led by Auggie (Christopher Gorham), Annie escaped her Russian prison cell and returned home. Back in the States, Auggie made a dramatic, long-awaited move when he finally kissed Annie resulting in the reveal of their romantic feelings for one another. 

Season four picks up with even more complications at the agency, when Annie aligns with the infamous former head of the Department of Clandestine Services, Henry Wilcox (guest star Gregory Itzin), in a dangerous, undercover mission that puts those closest to her in jeopardy. Hill Harper will play Calder Michaels, an ambitious CIA station chief based in Latin America.  Intelligent, charismatic and a bit cocky, Michaels ascended to a very high position at a relatively young age and is plotting his way into a bigger position back in Washington. In his journey for greater power, he will attempt to make Annie and Auggie his allies, but his questionable actions will cause them to doubt his intentions.  Recurring guest stars this season will include Latin telenovela star Manolo Cardona (“Beverly Hills Chihuahua”) and Michelle Ryan (“Bionic Woman”). COVERT AFFAIRS is shot on location in Toronto, ON, and international shooting locations this season include Medellín, Columbia; Lyon, France; Rome, Italy; Vienna, Austria; Frankfurt, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark and Taipei, Taiwan.

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