Let's Dance

Several months after the shooting, Annie is out of the woods but still in the process of recovery. Not one to just sit around nursing her wounds or her broken heart, she's fixated on finding Lena, who has fled to Russia. Despite Joan, Arthur and Auggie all urging her to focus on healing, not hunting down her former boss on a personal vendetta, Annie is determined to follow a lead in Moscow. And when Joan realizes that Annie is heading to Russia whether she has permission or not, she reluctantly agrees to help in an effort to help keep Annie safe.

Though Annie's mission sounds simple enough-make contact with a former FSB operative Dmitri Larionov (codename: Rachmaninoff), convince him to lead her to Lena, and take a photo proving Lena's presence in Russia to help facilitate extradition talks - heading to Moscow alone is a risky move, and nothing is as simple as it sounds. Annie's first challenge is to convince Larionov, who was once betrayed by Lena and is allegedly out of the spy game, to help her. Thanks to Annie's doggedness, Dmitri agrees to set up a meeting with an old contact who knows Lena's whereabouts. But even with that valuable intel, getting to her won't be easy. As Annie soon learns, Lena is always two steps ahead-and going up against her will take all Annie's spycraft, skill and strength.

About Covert Affairs

USA’s critically acclaimed original series COVERT AFFAIRS stars Golden Globe nominee Piper Perabo as CIA operative Annie Walker, a skilled linguist and spy whose work takes her on top-secret missions around the globe. 

Several years ago, Annie was recruited fresh off The Farm to work in the Domestic Protection Division under Joan Campbell (Kari Matchett). But today, Annie is no longer a fresh-faced rookie. Season Four saw her going head-to-head with her toughest adversary yet: the nefarious former Department of Clandestine Services, Henry Wilcox. Grieving the death of his son Jai and convinced Arthur Campbell (Peter Gallagher) was to blame, Henry was determined to take down the Campbells—and anyone else who got in his way. Annie ultimately managed to put a stop to Henry once and for all by faking her death, going dark, and pursuing him by any means necessary. But the battle cost her dearly, and meant sacrificing not just her relationship with Auggie (Christopher Gorham), but a part of herself. 

Season Five picks up several months after the team took down Henry in Hong Kong. Auggie is back at the DPD, Arthur is offered a job in the private sector working for McQuaid Security, and Joan is returning from maternity leave to find that she’s been passed over for the job of DCS in favor of Calder (Hill Harper). And after mysteriously going off the grid for months, Annie has resurfaced, anxious to get back to work at the CIA and harboring a secret that could jeopardize everything. Sent to Chicago to investigate a purported terror plot, she soon discovers that the threat is very real, and much greater than anyone has anticipated, and finds herself swept into an international mission that will take her from Venezuela to Latvia to France and many points in between. Along the way, she’ll continue to cross paths with Arthur’s new boss Ryan McQuaid (Nic Bishop), a charismatic Navy SEAL-turned-CEO with his own ties to the terrorist—and his own secrets.

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