Joan Campbell
played by Kari Matchett
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As the head of the CIA's Domestic Protection Division, Joan Campbell was Annie’s first boss at the CIA. Despite an abiding mutual respect, Joan and Annie have, at times, clashed over Annie's failure to follow orders. If Joan’s been tough on Annie, it's only because she sees great potential—and a little of herself—in the young operative. Fiercely loyal and protective, Joan has developed a fondness for Annie that their recent battle against Henry Wilcox only served to reinforce. 

Once a talented field operative, Joan has climbed the ranks to become one of the Agency’s highest-ranking female employees. Though she has proven herself as a capable administrator and strong, decisive leader, her marriage to Arthur Campbell has brought ups and downs to her career, and the scandal surrounding Arthur’s resignation took a significant toll on Joan both personally and professionally. Now that Joan is returning from maternity leave after giving birth to son Mackenzie, she’s finding her role at the CIA uncertain. And just because Arthur is no longer with the CIA doesn’t mean she can escape his shadow, or that their relationship won’t continue to be tested.

Kari Matchett stars as Joan Campbell, head of the CIA's Domestic Protection Division on the international spy drama COVERT AFFAIRS. 

Most recently, Matchett appeared on the CBS drama “Elementary,” opposite Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu and the feature film "The Riverbank" for director John L'Ecuyer. 

Matchett previously had recurring roles on TNT's "Leverage" alongside Timothy Hutton and the series "Crash" for Starz Network from Lionsgate Television, the latter of which was based on the Academy Award-winning movie of the same name. She portrayed Jules, the CEO of a music company and daughter to Dennis Hopper's character. 

After breaking onto the scene in ABC's "Invasion" opposite William Fichtner, Matchett went on to star in season six of "24" with Keifer Sutherland and Powers Boothe. She then recurred on NBC's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" with Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford followed by a starring role opposite Treat Williams in the TNT original series, "Heartland." Matchett is also well-known to audiences for her recurring role as Dr. Skye Wexler on John Wells' long-running drama series, "ER." 

Other television credits include "Criminal Minds" for CBS, "The Cleaner" opposite Benjamin Bratt for A&E, "Ugly Betty" for ABC, "The Philanthropist" on NBC, and "Shark" starring James Woods for CBS. She was also previously seen in The Hallmark Channel’s "The National Tree" with Andrew McCarthy. 

A native of Lethbridge, Alberta Canada, Matchett now resides in Los Angeles. Much like her character, she recently welcomed a son.