BONUS FOOTAGE: "The Boys Do Lunch Part 2"
Tuesday, september 16, 2014
Something catches Chase's eye at the golf course in this exclusive bonus footage from season 1, never-seen on TV!
BONUS FOOTAGE: "The Boys Do Lunch Part 1"
Tuesday, september 9, 2014
The boys head out to the golf range for a free and easy lunch...on Todd. Check out this bonus footage from season one!
BONUS FOOTAGE: "Savannah Gets Coached Part 2"
Tuesday, september 2, 2014
Savannah and her coach discuss the geography of this never-aired scene from season one!
BONUS FOOTAGE: "Savannah Gets Coached Part 1"
Tuesday, august 26, 2014
Watch Savannah begin training for her next beauty pageant in this deleted scene from season one. Come back soon for the hilarious conclusion.
BONUS FOOTAGE: "Boys at Play"
Tuesday, august 19, 2014
In this exclusive clip never-aired on tv, Todd and the boys show off their somewhat excessive skills in rough housing.
GAME: "Mahjong Madness!"
Tuesday, august 12, 2014

It's Talkin' Mah'jong! Spend all day with Todd's take on this classic parlor game. Join the matching tiles and listen to favorite Chrisley quotables like "Class Not Ass", "Risk it for the Biscuit", "You, Me and Your Cameltoe" and more! Play Now!

PROMO: "This Fall"
Tuesday, august 5, 2014
Enjoy this special announcement of the Chrisleys return to USA This Fall!
Tuesday, july 29, 2014
The Chrisleys have fun around the dinner table in this footage from season 1, never-aired on TV..
BONUS FOOTAGE: "Does Mom Twerk?"
Tuesday, july 15, 2014
Grayson shares his view on Chrisley dance moves in this exclusive never-aired scene originally filmed for season one.
BONUS GALLERY: "Todd-isms"
Tuesday, july 8, 2014

Enjoy this curated Chrisley gallery of fan favorite Todd-isms. Laugh and share them all..
BONUS FOOTAGE: "Mother & Daughter"
Tuesday, july 1, 2014
Julie and Savannah have a heart to heart chat In this unearthed scene from Chrisley Knows Best.
BONUS FOOTAGE: "The Clean Freak"
Tuesday, june 24, 2014
In this never-seen-on-TV scene from Chrisley Knows Best, Chase has a little fun with his dad's need for cleanliness as they check-in to a hotel.
BONUS FOOTAGE: "The Interview"
Tuesday, june 17, 2014
Here is another bonus scene from Chrisley Knows Best - Never-aired on TV! Todd interviews a candidate. Things start out great but then it gets a little creepy.
BONUS FOOTAGE: "Peking Duck"
Tuesday, june 10, 2014
Savannah and Chase enjoy their first taste of Peking Duck. Todd on the other hand...
INTERVIEW: "Chrisleys at the Upfront"
Tuesday, june 10, 2014
Todd and family talk about Chrisley Season One at the 2014 NBCU Cable Upfronts.
BONUS FOOTAGE : "Todd and the Tie"
Tuesday, june 10, 2014
Enjoy this bonus scene from Chrisley Knows Best - Never-aired on TV! Todd ties the tie, then unties the tie, so Chase can learn how to tie a tie. ...
CHRISLEY CLASSIC: "Guide to Parenting"
Tuesday, june 10, 2014
Todd shares his fatherly wisdom on how to raise a clan of Chrisleys.

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