Julie Chrisley - a breast cancer survivor – is featured in a new PSA in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. Check it out.

Todd reacts to the biggest moments from the season premiere!


Check out a gif recap from the season premiere of Chrisley Knows Best.

Check out the latest episode gif recap.

It's Here! Season Premiere Tonight 10/9c. It's Mahjong Madness, Chrisley style. Play now!


1 Day Until The Premiere Of Chrisley Knows Best! When you’re a teenager, sometimes words aren’t enough to get the point across.  

Kids Who Grew Up With Crazy Parents GIF Gallery

Only 2 Days Left! And you thought you were the only one with crazy parents?

3 Days Left! What motto would go on the Chrisleys’s family crest?  Everyone has an opinion…

14 Signs You Could Have Been A Chrisley

Because watching Chrisley Knows Best can be like looking in a mirror sometimes…

We're 4 Days Away from The Premiere!

Only 5 Days Away! Who would play the Chrisleys in the movie version of their lives?  They have a few ideas...


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