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Posted on 06/08/2017

Let's give it up for the Chrisleys, who took home the award for Best Docusoap at this year's Realscreen Awards. Read more!

Posted on 05/22/2017

We've always suspected that the Chrisleys are the best dancers around, but it wasn't until we compiled these scenes together that we had definitive proof! Check out the moves of ToddJulieChaseSavannahGrayson, and -- yes! -- Nanny Faye too! There ain't no dance party like a Chrisley dance party!

Posted on 05/16/2017

It’s the middle of May, and you know what that means: The youngest Chrisley celebrates another birthday! In honor of the special occasion, here are five episodes that demonstrate why we love Grayson so much. 

Posted on 05/11/2017

Ever feel like everyone in the world has lost their dang minds but you? Well, now you know how Julie Chrisley feels! Happy Mothers Day, Julie. This one's for you...

Posted on 04/27/2017

When Big Star Little Star premieres on USA Network this May, expect to see some familiar faces from your favorite TV family: Todd and Grayson Chrisley!

Posted on 04/24/2017

The Chrisleys are no strangers to beauty pageants. But instead of competing, Todd and family are signing up for a different challenge as they look to empower young women who participate in the contests.

Posted on 04/12/2017

This week, Todd Chrisley blogs about the midseason finale of Chrisley Knows Best -- including whose hijinks won the week! Read all about it in Todd's Blog!

Posted on 04/06/2017

This week, the Patriarch of Perfection shares some indispensable dating advice for all you single ladies out there: find a man, not a boy! Read his hilarious take on relationships! 

Posted on 04/03/2017

Todd, Julie, and Savannah Chrisley arrived at the 52nd Academy Of Country Music Awards Sunday night in style. See their pictures from the event!

Posted on 04/03/2017

Savannah is single and ready to mingle. But Todd's not having it. At least, not without his input first. Will he be able to successfully crash his daughter's singles event and get the low down on her dating prospects? Check out a sneak peek from the next Chrisley Knows Best episode, "Matchmakers and Batchbakers."